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Project Name: PPC Management of thenba.ca
Industry: Financial and Insurance Services
Technologies Used: PPC
Client Brief

TheNBA.ca is a Canada based organization To Help Canadians to receive the money they deserve from the Canadian government for their Disability.

Disability Pension Plan
Disability benefits provider for Canadian disabled People
Free Consultation

Project Challenges

We have to Generate maximum number of potential leads, Generate increased number of budget spent; being a service provider the requirement of campaign is Quality of visitors with maximum quantity of users. Client needs qualified leads for maximum Canadian people. Keeping these challenges in concern we model PPC campaign for The National Benefits Of Authority. We developed PPC campaign with the goal \"Maximum Qualified Leads with Minimum Budget\".

The Endeavor

We start campaign for The National Benefits Of Authority with Google Adwords By Tripled the conversion rate. Google Results provide business to client and Expand its business by major PPC Networks.

Google Adwords
Yahoo Search Marketing
MSN Ad Center
Facebook Advertising
The site receives a significant number of visitors
Keyword Ranking Status
Initial Current
Number of Website Visitors 752 11059
Average Position 3.6 2.6
Average Cost per Click 2.57 0.85
Conversions 128 1379
Cost per Conversion 15.09 6.81
Conversion Rate 14.86 15.00