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Application: Famous Places
Category: Travel Apps
Devices: iPhone, iPad Touch
Project Description:

Who does not want to know before hand the wonders of the places that they would be visiting or are planning to visit? The question that stares right in their faces is that from where they can get that all important information. The query or rather the quandaries of the travelers or the holiday makers has been resolved by the sites like the Famous places. Any information that you need about your famous destination or the place that you think you should be aware about has been taken well care of, just log into this all encompassing site and all the relevant information would be made available to you in just no time.

The best thing about the site 'famous places' is that it has been built using the I-phone application that is changing the rules of the game as far as the application development is concerned. It would not only enable you to quickly scan through the various important pages of the site but would also help you in getting familiar with the pace at which the world of technology is moving and the maximum benefits that you can derive from it.