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Project Name: SMO Management of social networking website Educopark.com
Industry: Miscellaneous
Technologies Used: SMO
Client Brief

Educopark.com is social networking website where people share life lessons and thoughts on various subjects. Users can share their experiences with others and can also give comments on topics of their choice.

Project Challenges

The key challenge for us was to promote a new website that required effective marketing strategies and branding techniques to increase the traffic at a steady pace. We were given a monthly target of 10000 visits within twelve months. We also had to make the site more interactive to attract more visitors to the website. Initially, we had problems in promoting the website, because it is a new website. Even the concept of the website is new for users to understand the purpose of this website. Using social networking websites such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Squido, Stumbleupon and many other social media websites, we introduced this new concept of Educopark to the internet users. Eventually, we could build the brand image of the website and could attract visitors to the website. We also recommended new features on Educopark.com to make it more user-friendly and attractive. We could achieve more than 10,000 traffic per month, within a span of six months.

The Endeavor

We could build brand identity of the website, educopark.com Generated more than 10,000 traffic per month, within six months as on 19th March, 2010 When we took the project, Educopark was getting 1064 traffic. Now the website is getting more that 10,000 traffic. That is almost 10 times of what educopark.com was getting in September, 2009.

The site receives a significant number of visitors